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Winter hibernation? Not for our ecologists!


With winter fast approaching (is your Christmas party booked yet?), you may be forgiven for thinking that our ecologists are considering hibernation.

It’s true that the winter period is generally the season that ecologists manage to get a lie in (no more dawn surveys). And manage to leave work at a normal time (no more dusk surveys, either!). But despite their new found freedom, now is an ideal time to start thinking about ecology, specifically the Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA).

Any ecologist will tell you that you need to consider ecology early in a project. The delays that can be caused by waiting for surveys can be crippling, especially if critical deadlines loom. With strict survey periods for many species, early knowledge of what may be required is essential when planning your project schedule.

So in fact, winter is a very good time to be thinking about ecology surveys. If your development project is just getting started, to avoid delays, now is a great time to be commissioning a PEA. Our team of ecologists already have multiple protected species surveys already booked for the 2017 survey season!

Following a very busy 2016 season, agb Environmental has expanded the ecology team. The team now includes Principal Ecologist (Cassie Todd) and an additional Senior Ecologist (Claire Browne). This increases our team based at our Newmarket office (Les Cousins, Owen Jones and Henry Smith) to enable us to service a much wider geographical area, now with increased coverage of the south and south east of England, including London. We have excellent availability over the winter period to undertake the PEAs needed for new projects.

Of course, not all protected species surveys stop during winter; there are several surveys that can and should only take place during winter.

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Our team is ready to discuss your next project. We can provide the advice and support to avoid unnecessary delays once the various species surveys begin. Contact Richard Parmee (Head of Natural Environment) by calling 01638 663226 (Newmarket office) or email

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