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Water Vole Mitigation

water vole mitigation

The 2017 season for water vole mitigation works is almost upon us!

New water vole mitigation guidelines for development and construction projects were published in last April 2016, and the guidance specified the following key points about water vole mitigation, which may be relevant to your project if water voles are present:

– Licensing for displacement: Activities aimed at displacing water voles for development require a licence and must deliver a net benefit for water voles.

– Relocation of water voles (trapping versus displacement): Displacement of water voles is potentially useful for small-scale works where the working area is 50m long max, the works are timed between 15th February and 15th April and where sufficient alternative habitat exists. Displacement that meets these criteria is possible under a Class Licence by a registered person, whereas displacement under other circumstances requires a project licence.

– Appropriate timing for trapping and relocation operations: Water voles should ideally be trapped during early spring (1st March – 15th April).

Find out more

agb Environmental has the specialist teams to help survey for and mitigate the impacts of any developments to near water vole habitat. Should you have any projects where water voles may be a constraint, or where you may require any further ecology or protected species surveys, please get in touch with Richard Parmee (Head of Environment) on 01638 663226 (Newmarket Office), or Cassie Todd (Principal Ecologist) on 07432 606 160 (Dorset office) to discuss how agb Environmental can assist.