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Three ways to increase the value with a tree survey

How can a tree survey increase profit and eliminate risk?

1. Increasing the sale price of the development.

Although trees may be a constraint on how you develop a site, they also can add value to your development. The presence of mature trees can make sites more attractive and property values are generally higher in areas with good tree cover. Removing all trees may make your site less attractive to potential buyers, and the council may require an extensive landscaping scheme to replace tree loss (aerial photos will show what was there), costing you money to plant and maintain.

2. Feeding into foundation design, to minimise the likelihood of over specifying the foundation solution.

The tree survey will also provide information helping foundation design reduce the risk of structural damage due to trees – subsidence. Not only will you need to consider the influence of neighbouring trees outside of your control, but also the removal of large trees within your site, either before or once you plan your scheme layout. These trees will have been taking water out of the ground for many years. Once removed, the ground may swell as it rehydrates. Failure to consider this, could lead to heave and subsequent costly structural repairs.

3. Avoiding prosecution.

Clearing a site of all trees may lead to prosecution. Some or all of the trees may be protected by a Tree Preservation Order or a Conservation Area. Even if not, you may require a Felling Licence, particularly in more rural or heavily wooded locations. The tree survey will tell you what protection is in force and what you need to do as a consequence.

With the potential to increase income, reduce costs and eliminate any risk of prosecution, a tree survey is a sure fire way of increasing the value of your next development.

agb Environmental specialises in undertaking tree surveys and arboricultural impact assessments for developments. For more information or to discuss your next project, contact Richard Parmee on 01638 663226 or email

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