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Things to Consider When Purchasing Commercial Land

When purchasing commercial land with the idea to develop, there are many considerations in regards to ensuring you’re making a worthwhile investment. Funding, location and change of usage are common factors, but environmental assessments can throw up cautions, and should be conducted before you commit.

Before any money exchanges hands, ensure you have all the information at your fingertips. Don’t get caught out with a basic environmental site assessment, as this information may not include data that could cause planning delays later on down the line and could thus make the land unusable for your needs.

agb Environmental offers a full range of technical surveys, including Phase 1 environmental risk assessments produced in accordance with the British Standard, that will help to inform you on the potential risks of purchasing potentially brownfield land. The company also offers a suite of planning studies including ecology survey, flood risk assessments and ground investigation, which are all key to ensuring your project will successfully achieve planning. Any information at this stage could be make or break if developing the land to make a profit is your goal.

Providing full due diligence assessments, agb Environmental will find out whether your site is suitable for the work planned, with its team of in-house experts able to make rapid assessments. With in-depth analysis of the potential land contamination issues, our team can plan and predict changes to the time frame or put into place required measures from the outset.

For further information regarding due diligence please contact Alex Brearley at agb Environmental on 01638 663226 or email

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