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The real costs of Ground Investigation

How do you compare quotes of a ground investigation? If it is based solely on the grand total, you may not be getting the best value for money.

In reviewing the cost of a ground investigation, it is important to consider how the scope of a ground investigation can influence project risk, and what cost implications this may have. A low cost investigation can lead to additional costs elsewhere, often further down the line. Clients who have a better understanding of these longer term costs often review ground investigation quotes very differently.

Additional project costs can come in many forms:

  • The need for subsequent investigations (particularly those that are avoidable as they should have been foreseen at the outset).
  • Uncertainty of ground conditions within a construction tender resulting in increased tender prices to minimise contractor risks.
  • Delays associated with unforeseen ground conditions (these can be very expensive!). Studies quoted in New Civil Engineer (NCE) have shown that between 37% and up to around 50% of project delays can be attributed to unexpected ground conditions.

To take these into account when assessing ground investigation quotes is challenging. To ensure that best value for money is achieved, it is therefore crucial that a ground investigation specialist takes the time to understand your requirements before putting together a quote.

At agb Environmental, our team will discuss your specific requirements to ensure we have a clear understanding of what is needed. We then provide a detailed scope of works within our proposal – we never produce “off the peg” generic ground investigation quotes. This way, you can be sure that our team delivers what you need for the success of the project.

agb Environmental specialises in geotechnical and geo-environmental ground investigations; and produces the interpretive analysis and reports that developers require to support their project needs, whether it’s for sale, planning, construction tender or contractors.

Contact Alex Brearley, Managing Director at agb Environmental, on 01638 663226 or to discuss your project requirements and gain the best value for your ground investigation needs.

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