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The All Inclusive package holiday approach to surveys

It’s July and the summer holiday season is almost here. Sun, sea, sand and (for us at least) surveys!

With the rise in popularity of the All Inclusive package holiday, we started to wonder, if price is the only factor, why are they so popular? After all, we all can get cheaper flights, book cheaper hotels and find cheaper car hire.

It’s the bits in between that make the difference. It’s the not worrying about airport transfers, being sure you get to the right hotel, knowing your holiday rep is on site and knowing your food and drink is included – no matter how hungry and thirsty you are. Low stress, and more time to concentrate on relaxing and enjoying the sangria. How much extra is this worth?

Why does this matter (and, frankly, how is it relevant)?

It’s the same when procuring development surveys. The cost of the survey package may or may not be less than the sum of the parts, but it’s the important elements you can’t procure that make the biggest difference.

It’s knowing that you don’t have to figure out access to site five times over, you don’t have to issue six sets of plans (and reissue them when they change), knowing you can call one number – one person to get an update, and that all of the reports come back with supportive advice, without contradictions. And when challenges do arise, you have a ready-made project team to solve them for you.

So the question is, how much of your money and time does this save? In our experience, lots.

agb Environmental is built on providing this added value service. In our experience, cheap and cheerful single service works for some, but our clients typically value their time such that they realise it is better value to outsource the faff and concentrate on what’s important.

We provide a comprehensive range of surveys for the development sector to ensure our clients minimise their time and cost on coordinating surveys. We specialise in delivering and coordinating the following services:

After all, your time is limited, so why spend it coordinating surveys? It’s what we do best.

To learn more about our All inclusive package, call Alex Brearley on 01638 663226 or email to discuss your development survey requirements.

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