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Tag: Ecology

water vole mitigation

Water Vole Mitigation

agb Environmental has the specialist teams to help survey for and mitigate the impacts of any developments to near water vole habitat. Should you have any projects where water voles may be a constraint, or where you may require any further ecology or protected species surveys, please get in touch.
ecology surveys winter

Dare we say it… summer is coming to an end

With the majority of protected species surveys completed, the question turns to what our team of ecologists will be doing in winter. Will all development has to wait until the new season? Several UK species hibernate, migrate or reduce their activity during the cold weather over the winter months. This applies to bats, dormice, reptiles and…
water vole mitigation

Protected Species Surveys: Water Vole

New water vole mitigation guidelines for development and construction projects were published in April 2016. Our Ecologists at agb Environmental have provided a useful overview of these guidelines and the key changes and recommendations. The water vole is one of the UK’s fastest declining wild mammals. It is listed as a species of principal importance for…
arboricultural surveys

Arboricultural surveys and tree works

Getting a tree survey is just the first step of what can sometimes be a lengthy process, particularly if there are complications, or if things go wrong. You’ve found the arboriculturist to provide the survey, but now you need a contractor, and maybe an ecologist and landscaper too.

Time For A Dormouse Survey?

When planning new developments there are many different rules and regulations for you to abide by, including ones that may not be so well known to you or necessarily at the top of your priorities. However, they are crucial for your plans to achieve planning permission and to provide the information that the LPA need…