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Dare we say it… summer is coming to an end

ecology surveys winter

With the majority of protected species surveys completed, the question turns to what our team of ecologists will be doing in winter. Will all development has to wait until the new season?

Several UK species hibernate, migrate or reduce their activity during the cold weather over the winter months. This applies to bats, dormice, reptiles and amphibians, which hibernate in order to conserve energy while food is restricted. This restricts some ecological surveys, such as bat emergence/ re-entry surveys on buildings and reptile presence/absence surveys.

However, there are still a wide variety of ecological surveys that can be undertaken by agb Environmental during the winter. Some, such as Winter Bird Surveys are specific to the winter. The following surveys are possible through the winter:

  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal / Extended Phase I Habitat Survey
  • Badger Surveys
  • Bat roost assessments / building and tree inspections
  • Dormouse Surveys (nut search)
  • Otter Surveys
  • Winter Bird Surveys

In fact, winter can be a great time to start considering ecology, to ensure that surveys are scoped and scheduled in for the new season, reducing overall project costs and risks.

Get in touch

agb Environmental can assist with surveys across the UK, with bases covering the east, south east and the south of England including London. Please contact Richard Parmee, Head of Natural Environment on or Cassie Todd, Principal Ecologist on or call the office on 01638 663226 to discuss the requirements for ecology surveys on your next development project.

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