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Ground Investigations, Contaminated Land, Geotechnics & Remediation

Contaminated land desk study report
Our comprehensive geotechnical advice and analysis of ground conditions ensures an in-depth assessment of your project. Undertaking a wide range of geotechnical services, agb Environmental offers the experience and specialists skills needed to see your project through the preliminary and post construction assessments.

Implementing a thorough and informative investigation of your ground conditions, our ethos is to support each project from preliminary ground investigation through to detailed construction design.

Offering services to include a range of geotechnical assessments, ground investigation, foundation solutions and preliminary design to provide the project team, architects and engineers with the information they need to begin detailed designs.

Our range of work includes the full range of geotechnical services required within a development project. We specialise in a range of ground investigation techniques, including hand auger sampling, dynamic sampling, machine excavated pits, the installation of standpipes and a varied range of drilling, including cable percussive, rotary and restricted access drilling and sampling. Our team is able to accommodate the range of specialist ground investigations needed for a comprehensive geotechnical assessment.

Offering a range of investigations insitu and exsitu, from dynamic probing, standard penetrometer tests, cone penetrometer, CBR calculations, soakaway and soakage tests to BRE 365, we are able to take a co-ordinated approach to best realise the maximum analysis with minimum interruption. We also cater for existing foundation inspection, ground gas and vapour monitoring, levelling and certified laboratory analysis for contaminated land and geotechnical purposes.

Having worked with architects, developers, engineers, planning consultants, building surveyors and public sector initiatives, including Local Authorities and government departments, our experience and in-depth knowledge enables us to tailor our services to your project’s requirements ensuring a bespoke and, most notably, suited approach in all circumstances.

Taking into consideration the entire development, our Project Management services are the perfect way to ensure your development is fit for purpose from the start. Enabling development, we are able to provide geotechnical services whilst taking into account future plans for the site and offering our team of in-house specialists to examine the development for other areas of concern to avoid timely and costly delays. To find out more about our Project Management services click here.

For further information on the service provided and to arrange a consultation please contact Alex Brearley on 01638 663226.