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Ecology & Protected Species

agb Environmental has an in-house team of ecologists that can provide the full spectrum of ecological surveys and assessments.

Ecology and Protected Species Capability Statement

We are able to provide the following ecology and protected species services:

  1. Surveys for Development Projects, including
    • Preliminary Ecological Assessment (PEA)
    • Bat surveys (activity and roost assessments)
    • Reptile surveys
    • Great crested newt surveys (traditional and eDNA surveys)
    • Badger surveys
    • Hazel dormouse surveys
    • Water vole surveys
    • Otter surveys
    • Nesting, breeding and wintering bird surveys
  2. Ecological Mitigation for all species noted above
  3. Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA) for inclusion within an Environmental Statement (EIA)
  4. Ecological management plans and delivery
  5. Biodiversity enhancement strategies
  6. Site supervision
  7. Ecological Clerk of Works
  8. Habitat management and creation (for conservation and development projects)
  9. BREEAM Ecology assessments

Our Team of Ecologists

We employ a dedicated team of trained and experienced ecologists who work alongside our network of associate ecologists to provide the full range of ecological surveys, assessments and mitigation required.

All of our ecological reports are approved by a member of theĀ Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).

About Ecology Surveys

There are two factors that make ecology surveys very different to many of the other surveys and assessments we undertake for development projects:

  1. Ecology surveys are very seasonal
  2. The Local Planning Authority will require all ecology surveys upfront before they validate the planning application

For these reasons, ecology has a significant potential to cause major project delays if surveys are not instructed in a timely manner.

To assist our clients, agb Environmental provide added value in several ways:

  • Clients can send us projects at a very early stage and we can provide advice on the possible ecological constraints (before commissioning a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal)
  • We provide fast feedback on the results of a survey, including what further surveys will be required once we have undertaken a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
  • We provide clear timescales for the various surveys so we can jointly agree the earliest date for planning submission