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Reduce Costs, Risks and Time Through Multidisciplinary Technical Services

development professionals

Find out the top three reasons why combining technical services with one consultancy can benefit your development:

1. Reduced costs

A single consultancy can advise on the most cost effective solution for their technical discipline, but they can’t consider how this will affect the costs of technical solutions for the other disciplines. The worst case is that a minor cost saving proposed in one area can result in cost increases elsewhere, far outweighing any savings.

By bringing together the technical services into one consultancy, the end solution will offer the greatest cost saving for the project, and not just the technical discipline.

2. Reduced risk

If risk management is a critical to a projects success, why introduce risk by diversifying the technical team? Risks are created through the increased complexity of the technical team network. This risk often results in reports that conflict with one another.

By combining technical services in one consultancy, the risk of contradiction is eliminated. Through effective technical team communications and problem solving, the client is presented with low risk service and delivery.

3. Faster delivery

Effective communication is critical to reducing the time it takes to get a project from feasibility to planning. A one-to-many relationship between the project manager and technical consultants results in slow communication to and between the various team members. This can slow down the communication, both through the time it takes to pass on the message, but also because communication is more formalised, often through reports and letters.

By bringing together multiple technical services into one consultancy, the client will see a process of ongoing dialogue and collaboration between the technical services. This will significantly reduce the time taken to identify and resolve problems, and then reach the desired end point.

agb Environmental specialises in combining the delivery and management of multiple technical services for development projects into one consultancy. This reduces the cost of the project, can eliminate risks and reduces the time and hassle for delivery of reports.

For more information on this holistic approach to the management of technical services, call Alex Brearley on 01638 663226 or email