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Do I really need that survey for planning?

free survey screening

The number of environmental surveys required to validate a planning application may appear to get keep getting longer.

It can also start to seem like the Local Planning Authority are asking for more information, often only after the last piece of information has been submitted. It’s perhaps surprising how often this can happen, especially when technical officers at the LPA aren’t able to review the submission quickly.

This inevitably adds additional time and cost to the project, and in some cases, can delay the project for up to 12 months (if for example an ecology survey season is missed).

But with a bit of insider information, you can crack the code of when each of the surveys will be required (to eliminate delays), and when they are not (to reduce unnecessary consultancy fees).

However, obtaining this insider information can be complex and expensive with many consultancies promoting their “phase 1” surveys simply as a screening tool. Or, if you were fortunate enough to find those that don’t, a time-consuming exercise of discussing the project to a wide variety of different technical consultancies.

agb Environmental has solved this. Our technical teams offer a free screening opinion on the most common environmental surveys. All we need is the information you have on the project, and we can provide a reasoned explanation of why various surveys may, or may not be required.

We will coordinate our response to you, to reduce the time you need to review our recommendations, and provide a clear justification as to why, or why not a particular survey may be required.

Learn more about our survey process

To discuss which surveys are likely to be required to validate your planning application, speak to Alex Brearley, Managing Director of agb Environmental on 01638 663226 or email

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