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Problem solving on the ground

Ground Investigation CPD Seminar

You’ve finalised the plans and instructed the surveys, there is a date in the diary for the planning submission and it’s all systems go. But then the surveys start to come in…

One survey says everything is fine, the next recommends further surveys, and the last states that there is little to no chance the planners will accept the current proposals without major amendments.

You’re now in the middle of a six way discussion with all of your consultants, but where do you go from here? The inevitable answer is a lot of back and forth, lots of report rewriting and ultimately escalating costs and time delays.

If this sounds familiar, there is an alternative.

Professional project management is a key skill for our team at agb Environmental. We have the technical understanding to deliver and coordinate multiple development surveys. This means that, we can solve problems quickly and efficiently, providing clear and unambiguous recommendations.

A typical example of this is a recent project where we provided (among other services) a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) and Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA).

The FRA identified that part of the proposed development was in a flood zone, and the simple recommendation was to move the development north of the site away from the flood zone. However, our AIA identified several important trees to the north, the retention of which would both be expected by the planners, and would benefit the development.

The feedback to our client wasn’t a series of reports with problems; our team worked together to find a single, simple resolution. Our client saved a significant amount of time (at least two weeks), and avoided an equally noteworthy cost for report editing (around £500). It also meant that our client didn’t have to manage the communications between two separate consultants, reducing our client’s time commitment.

Cheap and cheerful single service surveys are all well and good, but when problems arise, our multidisciplinary approach is able to problem solve “on the fly”, saving our clients time, money, hassle and stress.

We provide a comprehensive range of surveys for the development sector to ensure our clients minimise their time and cost on coordinating surveys. We specialise in delivering and coordinating the following services:

After all, your time is limited, so why spend it coordinating surveys? It’s what we do best.

If you would like to know more about our comprehensive range of surveys, call Alex Brearley on 01638 663226 or email to discuss your development survey requirements.

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