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Planning a Ground Investigation? Some tips for a smooth ride!

planning a ground investigation

Having managed hundreds of ground investigations on a very wide range of different site types, we have compiled our list of the most common challenges to achieving a smooth ride.

In our experience, the technical challenges of a ground investigation can be easily mitigated through a thorough preliminary assessment prior to undertaken site works. This is the role of your ground investigation specialist. A good example of this is advocating a Desk Study prior to scoping the Ground Investigation.

But our experience has also identified other, non-technical issues that are often neglected prior to Ground Investigation.

What follows is a list of the most common points that are worth considering at an early stage:

  • Health & Safety – are buried service plans available?
  • Is the site owner / manager aware of the works, and do they know what it involves? Schools, for example, can be very sensitive to noise, vibration and excavating holes in play areas; and, investigations in built-up areas may require prior notification for residents and restricted working hours to limit disturbance.
  • Access on to site during the investigation. Is the site locked, if so, who has the key?
  • If groundwater / ground gas wells are required, will these be accessible after the works? If in a car park, what’s to stop a car parking on top of them, creating delays in the assessment?
  • Are there appropriate welfare facilities available for the ground investigation team?

Perhaps you have experience of others? Why not let us know so we can add it to our list!

As an experienced Ground Investigation specialist, agb Environmental has the systems and procedures to help our clients consider all of these points (and more…!) before a Ground Investigation takes place.

To find out more, and to ensure Ground Investigations don’t cause problems for your project, please contact Simon Pike, Principal Consultant (based at our Newmarket office) on 01638 663226 or