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Lump Sum Fees for Ground Investigations

ground investigation

At agb Environmental we believe in challenging the status quo to ensure our clients receive the best possible service. One example of this is our approach of providing lump sum fee proposals for ground investigations.

One of the typical contradictions in our industry is that our work reduces project risk by gaining a greater understanding of ground conditions – but then developer’s risk is brought back in through complex re-measurable ground investigations.

So we challenged the industry standard approach of re-measurable ground investigation contracts and introduced our lump sum approach.

This now means that we can provide a clear scope of works and lump sum fee for the vast majority of ground investigations we work on. No hidden charges or re-charging for that agreed scope. Less risk for our client.

Our lump sum approach means we need to be sure that we do our homework before we quote to ensure we are price competitive, resulting in more ground investigations projects being completed first time around.

There will be some projects that do require a re-measurable fee proposal; but these will be the more complex projects where there just isn’t enough existing information to provide a lump sum. In these cases, we believe it isn’t in our client’s interest to pay a hefty risk premium. However, we will always aim to make the fee as straight forward as possible within the proposal to help reduce the risk of additional costs to our client wherever we can.

Do you need a ground investigation?

If you need a Ground Investigation, and want to minimise the risk of additional costs, agb Environmental will aim to provide, as standard, a lump sum fee. For further information, or to minimise the risk of escalating Ground Investigation costs on your next project, contact Simon Pike, Principal Consultant on 01638 663226 (Newmarket office) or email