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Lead Contamination: A Persistent Issue

Lead is known to be a toxic substance that, if found on your development, will require appropriate risk assessment and potentially remediation and validation.

Found by the Romans to have a low melting point, they used it to line aqueducts and make water pipes. Later it was used in paint, roofing and glass-wear, with little realisation that once inside the body in high concentrations, the element interferes with the central nervous system, as well as stopping the body from breaking down nutritious vitamins, causing the individual to suffer abdominal pain, sickness, headaches and dizziness.

The toxicology is complex, but it is likely that there is no ‘safe’ level of lead in the human body and different age, sex and other factors affect the toxic effects of lead in the body.

This means that it is incredibly important that a Phase 1 Desk Study is completed to assess the potential risks that the development site poses to workers and new owners.

Soil could be contaminated by lead from various sources, such as particles from flaky lead paint, leaded petrol, lead mining or incinerators. Certain developments are particularly sensitive to land contamination of lead, including schools, children’s play areas, housing and allotments.

Identification of problems at an early stage is crucial for safety purposes, as well as the fact that remediation can be a costly issue for developers. agb Environmental has an in-house team of geo-environmental specialists that will provide a comprehensive service, from initial Phase 1 Desk Study, through site investigation to remediation and validation.

With a range of ground investigation techniques, including dynamic sampling, machine excavated pits and hand auger sampling, any lead that could be harbouring on your site will be found in our thorough contaminated land assessment, and subsequently dealt with accordingly.

For further information and to arrange a consultation please contact Alex Brearley on 01638 663226 or email

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