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Introducing Ecology Validation Appraisal (EVA)

ecology validation appraisal

Do I need an ecology survey for my development project?
Will the Local Planning Authority validate my planning application without an ecology survey?
Is ecology likely to delay my project?
What ecology survey seasons do I need to allow for in my project plan?

Any of the above questions familiar?

In response to these questions, and a desire to serve our clients better, agb Environmental has developed a unique service that provides swift preliminary ecological advice on a project, before encountering the need for more detailed ecological surveys.

EVA, the Ecology Validation Appraisal tool, has been developed by agb Environmental ecologists to provide our clients with a “heads up” on the likely ecological constraints on a project.

The tool is completed by a trained ecologist, and considers the factors that are likely to indicate the presence or otherwise of protected species on the development project. The EVA report is a precursor to the more detailed Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA).

The EVA report will advise on whether a PEA is appropriate, and a guide on what protected species surveys may be required, along with the timescales for the surveys.

If ecology surveys aren’t required, the report may be used as evidence that ecology has been considered when submitting your planning application.

agb Environmental is offering the EVA report to existing clients and recipients of CPD presentations AT NO COST. Our hope is that we can provide our clients with a better service even before we have been instructed on surveys.

To obtain your free EVA report, please send the details of the development proposals to The more information you can provide, the better. Ideally this will include a red line boundary (and address) and a brief of the development proposals. As the report will utilise digital mapping and photography, please let us know if you are aware of any changes to the site from those displayed online.

To discuss EVA further, or for any other ecology related survey requirement, contact Richard Parmee, Head of Natural Environment, on 01638 663226 (Newmarket office) or email

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