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Hibernating bats

hibernating bats

Bats seek out buildings and underground structures in the winter that offer specific environmental conditions to see them through the colder months. This may bring the need for a hibernating bats survey.

Most bat surveys cannot be undertaken during winter whilst bats are hibernating and are not active. However, in some specific cases, there is a need to consider whether bats may be hibernating on site, and whether they may be disturbed by the development.

If you’re planning works to buildings or underground structures, you are likely to need an ecologist to assess the potential for hibernating bats. An initial assessment (which can be undertaken at any time of year) will determine if this is likely. If there is potential for hibernating bats on your site, then the Local Planning Authority will require bat hibernation surveys prior to determining any planning application.

Bat hibernation surveys are only possible between November and March, and include multiple visits over the winter period. This limited window means it would be easy to miss the opportunity. This could result in a delay to your planning application of up to 12 months!

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agb Environmental has several bat specialists ready to assist with your bat and other ecological surveys. For further information on hibernating bats, or to discuss your project further, contact Head of Natural Environment,Richard Parmee. Email him on or call 01638 663226 (Newmarket office).

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