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Forgot the Great Crested Newt?

great crested newt surveys

Just discovered that your site needs great crested newt surveys? Or have you found out it’s too late for the traditional surveys? Don’t panic!

Whilst the window for traditional survey methods has now passed, agb Environmental can offer environmental-DNA (eDNA) surveys instead, with the survey window open until the end of June.

This relatively new, and Natural England approved, survey method involves one of our licensed ecologists visiting the water-bodies requiring further survey and taking water samples using a standardised method. The water samples are then sent to an approved laboratory for testing, at which point any eDNA that has been shed into the water by great crested newts, will be detected. This allows for the presence or absence of great crested newts in that water-body to be determined.

If great crested newts are found to be absent, and the survey is conducted before the cut-off date (end of June), then no further surveys will be required and your planning application can proceed.

If great crested newts are found to be present and the proposed works are likely to require a mitigation licence from Natural England, then further surveys will be required. These will need to be conducted using traditional survey methods during mid-March to mid-June of the following year, to determine the population size and appropriate mitigation. At least you will know, however, which ponds require this additional survey effort and can plan accordingly.

Get in touch

agb Environmental has a team of ecologists who are all have significant experience in surveying for and mitigating the presence of great crested newts on development projects. Call Richard Parmee (Head of Natural Environment) on 01638 663226 or email or contact Cassie Todd by email on to discuss your great crested newt and other ecology and protected species surveys.

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