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CPD Ecology

CPD Seminars for Environmental Surveys in Planning

In the last year we have delivered over 80 Continued Professional Development (CPD) seminars covering ecology, arboriculture and contaminated land. Due to their success we are pleased to announce the wider rollout of the CPDs across the East of England and London.

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bat activity survey

What are Bat Activity Surveys?

Even if you don’t have bat roosting potential on your development site, you may still have habitats that support bat commuting and foraging. This will require a bat activity survey.

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great crested newt surveys

Forgot the Great Crested Newt?

Whilst the window for traditional survey methods has now passed, agb Environmental can offer environmental-DNA (eDNA) surveys instead, with the survey window open until the end of June.

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COntaminated land ground investigation
Contaminated Land

Ground Investigation Techniques – Trial Pits

Ground investigation techniques vary depending on the objectives of the investigation, the strata, and logistical factors such as access. To assist with understanding what factors contribute to the decision on which technique to use, we have prepared a briefing note on the use of trial pits.

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free survey screening

Do I really need that survey for planning?

Our technical teams offer a free screening opinion on the most common environmental surveys. All we need is the information you have on the project, and we can provide a reasoned explanation of why various surveys may, or may not be required.

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