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End Of Bat Survey Season Looming

agb Environmental would like to remind developers that the bat survey season is drawing to a close.

Our trusted and licensed ecologists would like to recommend developers that any site that requires a bat survey (as recommended in a Phase 1 survey) should complete the survey by the end of September to be valid for a planning application.

Under LPA guidance, no application can be registered or validated unless a full bat survey has been completed. A Natural England European Protected Species licence would be required for any development which would impact bats at any stage of their life-cycle, be that roosting, hibernating or foraging.

Bat surveys are carried out between the end of April and September whilst bats are active, and involve dawn to dusk site visits. Certain roosts can only be surveyed in the breeding season, so must take in this period as well (June-August), shortening the survey window of opportunity.

With this deadline looming, agb Environmental is on hand to conduct all necessary works to ensure your development remains on track.

Also offering a qualified, bat-licensed tree-climber who can conduct aerial tree-climbing surveys at any time of year, agb Environmental can provide a solution for many development projects. With only a handful of bat-licensed tree-climbers in the country, this is a specialist service provided by agb Environmental.

For further information please contact Alex Brearley at agb Environmental on 01638 663226 or email

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