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Ecology Surveys: End of Season Special

Ecology Surveys

With September fast approaching, we are rapidly moving through the closing months and weeks of various ecological survey seasons. With that in mind, we’re urging clients to consider accelerating project surveys in order to meet the survey deadlines.

The two primary survey seasons that will soon be coming to a close are the bat dusk / dawn surveys and reptile surveys. In both cases, failing to undertake the surveys this season will mean lengthy delays in projects pending for the new season in March / April 2017.

Potential bat roosts can be surveyed between May and September, but most of the survey visits will need to take place before the end of August in order to meet the current guidelines. Bats are heavily protected and any disturbance will require a European Protected Species licence. Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) require bat surveys to be completed, and any outline mitigation devised prior to validating and considering a planning application.

Reptiles can be surveyed between April and September during suitable weather conditions. As surveys require at least seven separate visits to site (sometimes more), last minute surveys are usually required to commence in August. Most reptiles are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act, and most LPAs require the reptile surveys to have been completed, and mitigation agreed prior to validating the planning application.

Undertaking bat roost and reptile surveys now will enable a development to proceed over the autumn, winter and spring months.

Fortunately, agb Environmental has recently expanded its ecology department with two experienced bat licensed ecologists. This means that the team will be able to respond quickly to any last minute survey requirements.

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