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Due Diligence surveys – managing investment risk

agb Environmental is a multidisciplinary consultancy offering a range of services – including due diligence surveys.

Due diligence surveys relieve the stress and worry for a property investor as they seek to investigate the true condition of the property. Clients may be purchasing, selling or leasing a property and wish to  fully understand the potential investment, before the change in ownership and management goes ahead.

There is always risk involved when buying, selling or leasing a property. Due diligence surveys minimise and manage these risks to ensure an investment doesn’t significantly decrease in value due to unforeseen circumstances that could have been avoided. 

Once the risks are known it is far easier to make an accurate judgement on the value of a property. With this information to hand, our clients can make an informed decision on whether to continue with the transaction or negotiate a more reasonable price.

agb Environmental offers several survey types suited for due diligence, including contaminated land, geotechnical, arboricultural and ecological.  

For more information on how our due diligence surveys can integrate into your investment process, call Alex Brearley on 01638 663226 or email 

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