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Do Ecologists Hibernate out off survey season?


After a flurry of frantic bat, great crested newt, reptile, dormice and water vole surveys throughout the 2015 ecology survey season, we have been asked (on more than one occasion) what our ecologists do during the Winter months.

Alas, the answer is very rarely hibernate (though the working hours are a little more sociable).

Development projects are continuing apace, and our ecologists are continuing the hard work to keep on top of the various projects that are coming forward.

Perhaps the most common Winter activity is the Phase 1 Habitat Survey. This tends to be the starting point for many projects and can be undertaken any time of year. By securing a Phase 1 survey, species specific surveys can be booked in early, thereby reducing any potential delays at a later stage. Get in early and avoid delays.

Although we are outside of the “bat survey” season, bats are still high on our Winter agenda. We can undertake Bat Roost Potential Assessments (looking for the potential for bats in trees and buildings) and Bat Roost Surveys in trees, where we climb the tree (with all required Health and Safety requirements in place) and inspect for bat roosts. Both surveys can eliminate the need to wait for the Summer bat survey season. This can significantly reduce delays to projects.

Other common Winter time surveys include:

Don’t forget the Wintering Bird Survey, which must be started in October / November.

Get in touch

Winter is a great time to start considering ecology. It will allow you to get a head start on the projects ready for the Summer survey season. To discuss how ecology may affect your development, get in touch. Contact Alex Brearley by email on or Odette Robson by email or call 01638 663226.

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