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Dedicated Ecology CPD Seminar at Your Office

ecology CPD

Ecology is perhaps one of the few technical surveys that has the potential to cause significant delays, costs and complications to a project.

To help navigate through this complex technical field, we have established an in depth Continued Professional Development (CPD) that considers ecology, protected species and the planning regime to offer some insight into the process of engaging, managing and understanding ecology surveys.

In the last year we have delivered over 80 CPD seminars focused on ecology and we’re very pleased to announce a wider rollout of CPDs in the South and Southeast of England.

These seminars aim to provide a broad overview of the key issues regarding ecology and development, and how to ensure that ecological constraints are overcome in the most time and cost-effective way for the project.

Other points covered in the CPD seminar include a brief overview of key legislation and planning policies, the types of ecological surveys and reports you may require for planning applications and licensing, along with a detailed discussion around the seasonality of surveys and mitigation to allow you to plan for your development project correctly.

The presentation will last an hour and after this, there will be an opportunity to discuss specific projects or examples that you may have, allowing you to take advantage of asking questions with the trained ecologist presenters.

What our attendees think…

We have recently received feedback from 371 individuals that have attended the CPD seminars.

  • 76% of people rated the relevance of the subject matter as “spot on”,
  • 85% of people said the CPD was “Crystal Clear” and
  • 99% of attendees said the topic was either interesting or fascinating.

We are extremely pleased with this feedback and we are looking forward to delivering more CPDs to businesses across the South and Southeast of England.

Booking a CPD Seminar

For further information or to book this free seminar for you or your business, call us on 01638 663226 or email Rosie (CPD Coordinator) on

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