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Changes To Ground Gas Investigation

A revised version of BS 10175, the British standard for the investigation of potentially contaminated sites, has recently been published.

The release of this updated version is a direct consequence of the publication of the guidelines on investigations for ground gas, BS 8576, as well as the planned future revision of the code of practise for site investigations, BS 5930.

Enabling development by providing comprehensive support and guidance on all aspects of the assessment and management of contaminated land, agb Environmental is now producing reports* that adhere to the revised standards.

Commenting on the revised version of BS 10175, Managing Director of agb Environmental, Alex Brearley, said: “The key change is the creation of a new British standard that focuses on ground gas assessments. There are no major changes to the way we work at present, although this doesn’t mean there won’t be in the future.

“However, the key will be demonstrating to the regulators, including the Local Planning Authority, Environment Agency, NHBC and similar warranty providers, that the report has considered each of the British Standards. All of our reports, post change, will be issued with the revised standard noted.”

Having been offering ground gas monitoring as part of our comprehensive service for many years, the new standards for investigation of permanent gases and volatile organic compounds ensure that we are delivering the highest level of service possible to our customers.

For further information and to discussion contamination, land remediation, regulatory requirements and clean cover systems, please contact Alex Brearley on 01638 663226 or email


* According to CL:AIRE, the main changes are: “BS 8576 is made “normative” in BS 10175. All investigations for ground gas should be made in accordance with BS 8576.

“Detailed guidance has been removed from BS 10175 and replaced by references to BS 8576.

“References to BS 5930 have been simplified so that they now refer to whatever version of BS 5930 is current. The changes will have no practical impact until a revised version of BS 5930 is published (this probably won’t be until 2015).

“Annex I on the regulatory background is deleted and replaced by a reference to Annex A in BS 8576. Annex E is also deleted – also replaced by a reference to BS 8576.”

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