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Breeding Bird Surveys

Breeding Bird Surveys

With January now behind us, thoughts can now turn to spring, and the variety of ecology surveys that can begin taking place, including breeding bird surveys.

For birds, love will soon be in the air, as their thoughts turn to breeding… Breeding birds can pose a constraint to your development. Fortunately, the agb Environmental Ecology team is here to help.

If you have suitable breeding habitat on your site for important bird species or bird assemblages. If suitable habitat exists nearby in a protected area, then you may require breeding bird surveys. These can be carried out during March – June, inclusive.

Our team of ecologists can advise you as to the need for these surveys, based on the habitats within your site and habitats and species known to occur locally. Species to think about in the south-east often include barn owls, skylarks, black redstarts and bird assemblages associated with coastal habitats.

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If surveys are required, our experienced ecologists can carry these out for you. We will advise you of appropriate mitigation if required.
agb Environmental has a team of highly skilled ecologists. We can cover all protected species likely to be found on development projects. For further information on breeding bird surveys, or to discuss whether ecology may be a constraint on your project, get in touch. Call Richard Parmee (Head of Natural Environment) on 01638 663226 (Newmarket office) or email

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