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Better Value Desk Studies… Cheap is not Cheerful!

Practicalities of Ground Investigations

The prospect of needing a Phase 1 Contaminated Land Desk Study can seem daunting with such a variety of services on the market.

Varying price structures, alternative ‘inclusions’ offers and a whole range of organisations catering for the service can often leave you confused as a client. But what do you really need?

If your project has been requested to fulfill a contaminated land desk study, it is important to remember not to be swayed by the cost. Prices online vary, but are generally advertised upwards of £300, whereas a simple conveyancing search from your solicitor before purchase can cost about £70. However, these standard off-the-shelf products do not fully assess the risk; rather they generally act as a tick box exercise. This approach is at odds with the agreed methodology for assessing risks from land contamination.

There is no simple answer to the risk assessment process, which is why you need an expert preparing and assessing your desk study. With off-the-shelf desk studies, you may be left with generic recommendations for further work that may not even be necessary or worse still, no further recommendations when a risk is present.

At agb Environmental, our thorough desk studies follow industry guidance as outlined by the Environment Agency’s CLR11 document, and the British Standard BS10175 “Investigation of potentially contaminated sites. Code of practice” and BS5930 “Code of Practice for Site Investigation”. Rest assured that our service will be carried out by experienced experts to the highest standard.

Unlike many other’s desk studies, all of our Phase 1 desk studies include a walk over survey. This is an essential part of the study and must be completed in order to remain in accordance with the British Standard. Reports that do not include this vital task may not be suitable for planning purposes, nor for any future transactions or dealing with other regulatory bodies.

Furthermore, at agb Environmental an experienced professional writes each report to ensure that all aspects of your development project are taken into consideration. The report then goes through our “double review” process to ensure technical accuracy and consistency.

This method, and “bigger picture” thinking, has enabled us to not only cut costs and time for developers, but has developed the strong reputation and customer recommendations we currently receive.

If additional environmental or ground investigation (including geotechnical) or supplementary services (such as unexploded ordinance – UXO, topographical or underground utilities) surveys are required, our experienced team can assist.

Remaining on hand to provide a detailed report to the highest specifications, agb Environmental ensures that every avenue of your project is explored to enable development and diminish time delays.

If you need advice our experts are on hand to assist you with your development, to arrange a consultation please contact Alex Brearley on 01638 663226.

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