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Benefits Of Retaining Trees On Development Sites

There are numerous benefits for retaining trees that developers should be aware of. Although often seemingly in the way of construction, trees can add value to your site and may also be protected by LPAs, therefore subjecting your development to planning constraints.

Recently a developer in Edinburgh was ordered to pay almost £10,000 in fines after felling trees that were protected by a TPO. agb Environmental would like to warn clients that failure to adhere to a TPO could incur similar fines, and would like to advise how to recognise the benefits of protected trees on development sites.

Here’s our guide to the benefits of retaining trees:

1. Trees dramatically improve the appearance of development sites, especially housing areas.
Trees will make a site more attractive to potential buyers. It is known that property prices near broadleaved woodland can increase by 5-18%.

2. Trees can increase resilience to climate change.
As trees naturally absorb CO2, your development can reduce its carbon footprint by retaining and planting trees to create a carbon sink.

3. They can temper severe weather.
Trees have a capacity to attenuate water flow, which could be an advantage during inclement weather like we endured last winter. Reduced flooding will be a huge benefit for all sites. During heat waves, the shade will be a welcome relief with any evaporating water limiting the ‘urban heat-island’ effect.

4. They can add to biodiversity.
With a mature oak tree hosting up to 5,000 species, your site will be doing its bit to keep the food chain healthy.

5. Save yourself time and money.
By retaining trees you could be saving yourself from future costly delays or fines incurred through removing them.

If your site needs help to retain trees, contact Alex Brearley on 01638 663226 for a detailed arboriculture survey to secure any required legal obligations and make the most out of your site’s assets.

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