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Badgers and Development Projects

The badger is a familiar face in the English countryside, but when it comes to development projects, they can become a cause for concern and the need for a badger survey.

Legislation protects badgers and their setts, meaning any disturbance isn’t possible without an appropriate licence. To secure a licence, your project ecologist will need to undertake appropriate badger surveys and prepare the licence application.

Badger surveys are possible all year-round, but late winter and spring are ideal as this is when badgers mark their territory, leaving their (rather odorous) calling cards. Vegetation is also less dense, which makes finding their setts easier and less time consuming.

If badgers are on site, mitigation may range from simply closing an outlier sett, through to construction of a new sett, and waiting until the badgers adopt their new home before closing the original sett.

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agb Environmental has a team of ecologists who are all have significant experience in surveying for and mitigating the presence of badgers on a development site. Call Richard Parmee (Head of Natural Environment) on 01638 663226 or email or contact Cassie Todd by email on to discuss your badger and ecology surveys.

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