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agb Environmental welcomes new British Standard (BS42020) for Biodiversity

The new British Standard (BS42020) for Biodiversity will help clients to compare quotes and levels of service that ecologists provide them. agb Environmental welcomes the new code, as it will set standards across the ecology board.

BS42020; Code of Practice for Planning and Development, provides guidance for how biodiversity should be addressed at each stage of the planning process, including pre-application, validation, determination and implementation.

Recommendations have been given on professional standards and competence, a direction on effective decision-making in biodiversity advised, as well as a guide on how to present ecological information to accompany planning applications.

A framework demonstrating how biodiversity will be managed, to minimise impact, is also laid out to increase consistency of content in the ecology field.

LPAs and Ecology Consultants should all be working towards achieving these new criteria from now on. This means it is important that a well-qualified ecological consultant is employed to meet these requirements before a planning application is submitted.

Earlier in the year, agb Environmental Principal Ecologist Odette Robson attended a forum led by representatives from Local Planning Officers and members of the Association of Local Government Ecologists (ALGE). This forum revealed the expectations from LPAs and consultees, and how agb can help clients to submit the right level of information in support of planning applications.

Continuing the highest of standards, agb Environmental ecologists place a strong regard for the BS42020 standards making every effort possible to work in accordance with the regulations.

“At agb Environmental, we will be honest if we can’t complete a survey within your timescales to high standards expected of us,” explains Odette. “Instead we will work with our clients to seek the best alternative approach that remains within the guidance and British Standard.

“As an example of our commitment to meeting BS42020, we consult with the local Biological Records Centre (BRC) during all Phase 1 surveys as we don’t wish our clients to be delayed by submitting a report without the information, an issue you don’t need at a critical time when your application is waiting to be registered.”

For further information regarding the British Standard (BS42020) Biodiversity, Code of practice for planning and development, and how it will affect your site Managing Director, Alex Brearley, on, or call the office on 01638 663226.

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