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Act quickly to book in Dormouse Surveys before the survey window draws to a close


The deadline to start a dormouse survey for a 2015 finish is fast approaching! Secure your development by arranging a dormouse survey and contacting agb Environmental before it’s too late.

A phase 1 habitat survey will advise if a dormouse survey is required.  Dormouse surveys take several months to complete to industry standard; nest-tubes, fixed to vegetation, must be surveyed over several months to achieve an outcome that will be accepted by the LPA and ecology consultees.

The survey window opened in April, however, a survey starting in May can still be completed within the current survey season (November 2015).

If you are in need of a dormouse survey, act quickly! If dormouse tubes don’t go out until June, then it won’t be possible to achieve the 20 ‘probability points’ necessary to designate the site ‘Likely to be dormouse-free’ – which is necessary for development of a site with dormouse habitat to proceed without the delay and expense of a European Protected Species licence.

Dormice have the highest level of protection (the same as bats and great crested newts) – so the full survey is required BEFORE a planning application can be validated.

It is against the law to accidently or with intent:

  • Capture, kill, disturb or injure hazel dormice. 
  • Damage or destroy a breeding or resting place.
  • Obstruct access to their resting or sheltering places.
  • Possess, sell, control or transport live or dead hazel dormice, or parts of hazel dormice.

So, get the tubes out this month, or wait until 2016 to register a planning application involving scrub, hedges or wooded areas.

For advice relating to ecology surveys, contact Principal Ecologist Odette Robson at agb Environmental on 01638 663226 or email

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