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Tree Protection

Tree Protection

Tree Protection

agb Environmental’s skilled arboriculture specialists can create a tree protection plan alongside our detailed surveys and assessments. Negotiating with key stakeholders, such as the Local Authority and Natural England, we ensure the tree protection plan satisfies the needs of all regulatory bodies and you, as the developer.

LPAs often require tree surveys and assessments before planning permission is agreed to, and this can include a tree protection plan. Our aim is to protect the resource whilst enabling a minimal amount of disruption occurs to your development.

A tree protection plan outlines which trees on the site are to be removed and retained, as well as the number and condition category. The tree protection plan also aims to distinguish where protection fencing should be situated to make sure there is no damage to the tree roots. These PRZs must be considered in the tree protection plan to alert workers that these areas are off limits for storing heavy equipment or building materials.

Able to provide your project team with all the information they need to secure planning, our tree protection plans also alerts the team to hazards that could arise in the long term for your development.

Bringing a wealth of knowledge to your development, agb Environmental’s arboricultural specialists will complete a thorough inspection, including tree surveys, arboricultural implications assessments, arboriculture method statements, as well as a tree protection plan.

Contact agb Environmental to speak to an arboricultural specialist about our tree protection plan services: 01638 663226

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