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Flood Risk

Preventing the risk and effect of flood

agb Environmental is able to cater for the needs and requirements of flood risk assessments. Required for all planning applications for major developments and those within areas of high flooding risk, each assessment provides the project team with the information to secure the development.

Offering Flood Risk Assessments for all types of developments, in all Flood Zones countrywide, our team of industry experts ensure a full assessment and mediation of your project to ensure a reduced disruption on your project.

Able to achieve planning authority approval for new developments, we provide guidance and report services tailored to your individual site specific requirements.

Working with a variety of developments, from single to large multi-unit residential schemes, commercial schemes, including office complexes, retail, business and science parks, as well as public sector schemes including schools and hospitals, we are able to provide the correct certification to see your build through to completion.

Taking into account further interferences, and the ‘bigger picture’ we ensure the correct level of service is provided, keeping you update on our progress from the initial consultations.

Co-ordinating multiple service requirements, we are able to combine our Flood Risk Assessments with other ground investigations, ensuring that information is carried across the disciplines to increase the quality of the end result.

Whilst our reports are of the highest quality, we convey only our findings, ensuring that all parties involved, from the architect to the engineer and building surveyors comprehend our findings and the effect it may have longer term.

Taking into consideration the entire development, our Project Management services are the perfect way to ensure your development is fit for purpose from the start. Enabling development, we are able to provide flood risk surveys whilst taking into account future plans for the site and offering our team of in-house specialists to examine the development for other areas of concern to avoid timely and costly delays. To find out more about our Project Management services click here.

For further information on the service provided and to arrange a consultation please contact Alex Brearley on 01638 663226.

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What Does a Flood Risk Assessment Include?

In accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), a site-specific Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) should be both proportionate to the degree of flood risk, and appropriate to the scale, nature and location of the proposed development.

Ground Investigation CPD Seminar

Problem solving on the ground

You’ve finalised the plans and instructed the surveys, there is a date in the diary for the planning submission and it’s all systems go. But then the surveys start to come in…


Updates To Brownfield Sites

Due to the UK’s chronic housing shortage, the government has made it clear that brownfield sites shall be made easier to build upon for developers. As experts in understanding how to overcome the challenges posed by brownfield sites, including contaminated land and flood risk, agb Environmental are on hand to help developers take advantage of this new approach.

tree roots

The “Root” to Success

When building near trees, there are several factors that can influence where and how far consideration will need to be given to roots.


The All Inclusive package holiday approach to surveys

With the rise in popularity of the All Inclusive package holiday, we started to wonder, if price is the only factor, why are they so popular? After all, we all can get cheaper flights, book cheaper hotels and find cheaper car hire.

site investigation

South London Site Investigation

Enabling the development of a new school by providing a Site Investigation and Flood Risk Assessment.