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Land Management

Providing land management advice on a range of projects.

Ensuring your land-based assets are managed sustainably by seeking the optimum delivery of your objectives, agb Environmental provides the expert advice, support and contacts to deliver multipurpose land management and reclamation objectives.

Having worked with an extensive list of land management projects, our in-house team provides a comprehensive management service for forests and woodlands, country parks, landfills, mines and gravel pits, as well as derelict and unused lands.

By offering this service we are able to ensure that your land or development plots do not lay untouched whilst the project objections are agreed, saving further delays once the project commences.

Also ensuring the correct checks and assessments are made of natural habitats and resources, we can save you unnecessary costs and time, with a simple maintenance application.

Working with a range of public bodies, waste and mineral owners and agents, as well as third sector industries, including charitable bodies, our experience in this sector enables us to tailor the approach and requirements to each individual client and plot.

For further information on the service provided and to arrange a consultation please contact Alex Brearley on 01638 663226.

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Ground Investigation CPD Seminar

Problem solving on the ground

You’ve finalised the plans and instructed the surveys, there is a date in the diary for the planning submission and it’s all systems go. But then the surveys start to come in…

reptile survey

Now is the time for: Reptile surveys

If you have scrub, rough grassland or log piles within your site, then you may need surveys to determine if your site supports reptiles.


Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Issues Position Statement on Category 4 Screening Levels

agb Environmental were interested to read that The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has issued it’s position following Defra’s C4SLs findings.