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Due Diligence

Providing thorough assessments or for investment or divestment purposes.

Ensuring your development site is suitable for the work planned, agb Environmental provides technical services for a variety of due diligence projects. The in-house expertise and ability to make a rapid assessment ensures that the sale or acquisition of a property isn’t hindered.

Providing a clear assessment on land, pre-development and foundation stage, we are able to predict possible delays to your project before the initial build phase begins.

By doing this, our services enable you to plan and predict changes in the time frame of build, putting into place required certification from the outset. Our in-house specialists have enabled an in-depth analysis of both the ground conditions and any ecological impacts that may occur, but also allows us to consider the site’s suitability for its desired use.

Working with Local Authorities and other government departments, our expert team is able to look at the whole picture to ensure your build is possible from start to finish with as many restricted interruptions as possible.

In this area, we have provided due diligence projects for a range of projects, including single to large multi-unit residential schemes, commercial schemes, including office complexes, retail, business and science parks, light and heavy industrial units, leisure and sports facilities, as well as public sector schemes, including school and hospitals.

Able to communicate with architects, developers, engineers, planning consultants and building surveyors, we are able to work with your entire project team to ensure that each sector understands the relevance of any findings to their project responsibilities. This, we find, is key in ensuring the project remains on track and is completed in the best possible way.

For further information on the service provided and to arrange a consultation please contact Alex Brearley on 01638 663226.

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