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Supporting development projects through the provision of comprehensive technical and site investigation services.

agb Environmental has provided technical and site work services for a variety of developments. Providing a range of ground investigations, geotechnical, environmental, ecological and arboricultural services, the in-depth knowledge and offering ensure that your project is catered for on an individual basis.

Working with a mix of single to large multi-unit residential schemes, our team of environmental industry experts are able to cater for the bespoke requirements of your project.

Taking into account the commercial or domestic needs of the project, we are able to work with public sectors, as required, to ensure your development meets the needs demanded by Local Authorities and government departments, such as water boards and so on.

This in-depth experience and overall ‘bigger picture’ ethos has enabled us to work with a variety of developments, ranging from office complexes and retail commercial properties to business and science parks, as well as light and heavy industrial units and leisure facilities.

We have built extensive experience of working within public sector projects by ensuring we are able to service their specific requirements. We have been engaged within a variety of schemes including schools and hospitals, including those of a particularly sensitive nature. We have built a knowledge base that we can continue to utilise to maximum effect on similar complex and integrated projects.

Able to communicate with the entire project team, we offer our advice to a range of clients, including property consultants, architects, developers, structural and civil engineers, planning consultants and building surveyors, tailoring assessment results to each industry sector and requirement.

We have the experience of working within major projects providing multiple services to the project team. This enables us to offer an integrated approach to support the development project. Alternatively we are sufficiently competitive to provide a single service to deal with a specific project need.

To see if our services can benefit your development and to arrange a consultation please contact Alex Brearley on01638 663226.

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Made Ground

Ground Investigations: Made Ground

It’s very rare that a ground investigation on a potential development site doesn’t identify at least some depth of ‘Made Ground’ overlying natural geological deposits, but what is Made Ground, and how does it affect a development?

Ground Investigation Techniques

Ground Investigation Techniques – Trial Pits

Ground investigation techniques vary depending on the objectives of the investigation, the strata, and logistical factors such as access. To assist with understanding what factors contribute to the decision on which technique to use, we have prepared a briefing note on the use of trial pits.

arboricultural surveys

Arboricultural surveys and tree works

Getting a tree survey is just the first step of what can sometimes be a lengthy process, particularly if there are complications, or if things go wrong. You’ve found the arboriculturist to provide the survey, but now you need a contractor, and maybe an ecologist and landscaper too.