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Land Quality Report

Land Quality Report

Agb Environmental provide comprehensive support and guidance when it comes to contaminated land issues. For projects requiring desk studies, site investigations, land quality reports and remediation services, our team of experienced staff can work with you throughout.

Tailored to suit your development, agb Environmental can offer Phase 1 Desk Study Assessments with a land quality report to discover whether there is any contaminates or pollutants. Once completed, the land quality report will show up any findings that may mean a Phase 2 Site Investigation is required, and then the land quality report will go on to recommend that Remediation Strategies may be required. Alongside our land quality reports, we can also provide groundwater and ground gas monitoring.

Encompassing the bigger picture of every project, agb Environmental’s main aim is to maximise project value by ensuring you avoid any costly mistakes or timely delays. By employing a land quality report, your project can move on to confidently deal with any found contamination and successfully complete to the high standards expected from stakeholders.

Having worked with many clients in the past, including carrying out services for petrol stations, gas works and landfills, you can be reassured that our land quality reports are to the highest of standards.

For further information about contaminated land and land quality reports from agb Environmental, contact Alex Brearley on 01638 663226