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Geotechnical Assessment

Geotechnical Assessment

agb Environmental covers all aspects of geotechnical works, from ground condition analysis to geotechnical assessments and foundation solutions.

Our experienced staff can provide a range of geotechnical assessments to ensure all members of the project team are informed before the detailed designs are drawn. Our geotechnical assessments involve site investigation, desk studies and ground analysis in order to give you the full information you need.

The geotechnical assessments will discover any potential risks from the soil on the site, so that developers will know of any problems at the earliest stage possible. Geotechnical issues include groundwater, old mining areas, sinkholes and weak/soft ground. Our geotechnical assessments will alert you to any of these problems on your site, and offer plans for effective solutions.

As with all our assessments across the board, we consider the time and cost implications for your development, and understand the importance of a thorough geotechnical assessment to ensure nothing is missed, incurring later cost implications.

Alongside our geotechnical assessments, we specialise in ground investigation, using techniques such as machine excavated pits, dynamic sampling, installing standpipes, hand auger sampling and dynamic sampling. We also have the capabilities for a varied range of drilling, including rotary, cable percussive and restricted access drilling and sampling, that are essential for a full geotechnical assessment.

With a great deal of experience conducting geotechnical assessments, our in-depth knowledge enable us to offer you a service based on your needs, and the needs of the planning authorities, to allow your development to run as smoothly as possible.

For more information about our services, including the geotechnical assessment, contact Alex Brearley on 01638 663226