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Ecology Survey

Ecology Survey 


Ecology Survey 


Often required by law, ecology surveys are essential before planning can be successfully achieved. agb Environmental has an expert team of qualified ecologists who carry out ecology surveys to complete legal requirements.

Carrying out ecology surveys, mitigation and assessments, the team can cater for Phase 1 extended habitat surveys and preliminary ecological diligence.

With years of experience in ecology surveys for protected species including badgers, GCN, dormouse, bats and water vole, you can be assured that agb Environmental can complete quick and thorough investigations, allowing you to get on with work as fast as possible whilst maintaining the habitat of protected species in the area.

Able to advise the best time of year for ecology surveys, we understand the importance of knowing when ecology surveys are needed so as not to hold up development.

One of the key ecology surveys to plan ahead for is GCNs. To be approved by LPA’s, half of the visits must be during mid-April to mid-May. Another important note for the diary is a bat ecology survey. The summer roost and transect ecology surveys must be conducted between May and September.

agb Environmental can advise you when is best to start ecology surveys for all suspected protected species on your site, call 01638 663226 for more information.

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