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Contaminated land report


Contaminated land report


An in-house team of geo-environmental specialists allows for agb Environmental to deliver a comprehensive service in all aspects of contaminated land reports and assessments. Our team has the vital experience needed to ensure requirements are met and findings of the contaminated land reports are fully integrated into the development project.

Contaminated land reports are required to meet the needs of planning conditions issued by local authorities during the planning stage. A contaminated land report is often requested by the authority’s contaminated land officer during the application stage, if there is a possibility of risk to human health.

Contaminated land reports are required to adhere to planning conditions laid out by local authorities at the planning stage. A contaminated land report is solicited by a contaminated land officer whilst development is in the application stage, if it is proven that there could be a risk to the health of the surrounding environment or humans.

Specialising in a range of ground investigation techniques, such as dynamic sampling, machine excavated pits and hand auger sampling, the agb Environmental team can offer an extensive list of services as well as the contaminated land report.

Often required before funds are released, the contaminated land report is of key importance to your project when a bank or mortgage provider is involved. Able to confidently deal with any noted contamination found in the contaminated land report, our consultants have experience working with regulatory bodies to reassure you that we can cope with a wide range critical project stakeholders.

With a host of projects under our belts, including services to petrol stations, gas works and landfills, a contaminated land report with us will reassure you that your project has the go ahead. Call us on 01638 663 226 for more information about contaminated land reports.