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Botanical Survey

Botanical Survey 


Botanical Survey 


Aiming to enable development, agb Environmental can carry out a full range of ecology and botanical surveys.

Minimising the time implications, as well as cost factors, agb Environmental have a highly recommended service for botanical surveys, providing experienced arboriculture specialists to conduct the detailed reports and assessments required legally for planning.

Our botanical survey team can conduct tree surveys, arboricultural implications assessments, arboriculture surveys, arboriculture method statement and visual tree inspections.

These botanical surveys are undertaken to identify ways to look after existing resources. Tress in particular can be an emotive issue with stakeholders, so a botanical survey to ensure certain trees are protected to withstand construction can be very important.

A botanical survey can include an Arboriculture Implications Assessment (AIA) to cover this eventuality. Made up of three parts, the AIA can come up with a Tree Protection Plan to be a guide for tree fencing and signing. Once approved by LPA’s, an Arboriculture Method Statement (AMS) can be created using the information from the botanical survey, and then introduced into the project.

A botanical survey will require a site visit by a qualified ecologist to determine growing species. For a quote for a botanical survey, call 01638 663226 or email info@agbenvironmental.co.uk

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ground investigation

Lump Sum Fees for Ground Investigations

At agb Environmental we believe in challenging the status quo to ensure our clients receive the best possible service. One example of this is our approach of providing lump sum fee proposals for ground investigations.


Your Snapshot Ecology Survey

Avoid delay on your development by scheduling ecology surveys when required. For further information please contact our in-house ecology team.

Ground Investigation CPD Seminar

Problem solving on the ground

You’ve finalised the plans and instructed the surveys, there is a date in the diary for the planning submission and it’s all systems go. But then the surveys start to come in…